Sunday, 24 November 2013

Five Happy Things

Autumn is coming to an end and winter is drawing near, but for once I really don't mind. I am rather looking forward to seeing what treasures winter may have in store. I am particularly excited to go to our local garden centre next weekend to buy our Christmas tree!
These are my favourite things which have made me happy this week... 
Making the most of the bright and crisp weekend by walking this little munchkin in the daylight for a change
  Picking the last blackberries of the season
Feeding the swans (and the seagulls!) at our local pond
I cannot wait to wear to wear these new statement necklaces from Etsy. I think the pearl and rhinestone necklace will be perfect for my work Christmas party, now I just need a dress!  

On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons is currently my favourite song, it makes me feel so happy, I absolutely adore it!

What has made you happy this week?


  1. Oh doesn't everything look beautiful. I love Poppy in her jacket--wish Dolly would wear clothes but she hates it. I'm sure you will be gorgeous in your necklaces! I didn't know they were called statement necklaces. Wonder what statement they make? I've been working out and my neck can hold these up without collapsing? Happy holidays, dollface! Hope there are many parties and lots of fun.

  2. Love your list of happy things! Poppy is always so cute! The swans are gorgeous. I have never seen that many swans altogether. And your necklace is stunning! Have fun looking for a dress to match it! A few things that made me happy this week: meeting with my girls' teachers at parent/teacher night and hearing the lovely things said about them, watching the premier of Catching Fire with Anita on Thursday, and enjoying the pretty Christmas lights decorating our porch every night. We will probably be visiting the Christmas tree farm next weekend, too. Have fun choosing your tree! xoxo

  3. Hello Morwenna!

    I have so much to be thankful for!! Over the weekend, we had our first celebration of Thanksgiving because Rod's son Danny was in town from California, but can't be this Thursday on our actual Thanksgiving. We had 12 people for dinner; however, my youngest daughter Amanda and her husband Chad could not be here. They WILL be here for Christmas, so that should be absolutely lovely!!

    For dinner, we had all the traditional foods, along with some special requests from years' past which I always love to try and accommodate.

    Well, before I list MY five happy things right now, I want to comment on yours:
    Poppy is as cute as ever!! We were in Estes Park on Sunday and a lady was walking a Cavalier in a sweater and I snapped a photograph of her. I will send it to you. I said to Rod as we were driving through downtown, "There's a Poppy!!"
    I LOVE feeding geese and swans and ducks..... I love how they all scurry through the water toward us when we feed them.....they make it seem so effortless. That's the way I try to go through life....paddle like crazy and keep smiling!
    I just cleaned our tiny backyard of all of its 'summer' last week. This is the latest I've ever waited to do so. Somehow, I wanted to cling to summer and all that it brings to me: sunshine, harvest, and wonderful work in the garden. It's snow covered right now (I knew it was coming), so I'm so happy I got out there to do it when I could. Those last berries, tomatoes, or whatever we bring in are always the most savored.
    The necklace is stunning and I can just imagine you in it. I'm so thrilled we were able to meet because I can just 'see' you in it!! You'll be a knock-out! I haven't heard that song, so I shall listen to it (maybe I have and don't know it), and think of you....

    For me, I am so happy that Hwy 34 has opened to Estes Park. It was slated to take 1-2 years to have open after the terrible flood we had in September, but somehow, they rallied to open it. Poor Estes Park had become isolated without an open road in and out of it, and our lot is up there as well. So, Sunday we drove up. The road is awe-inspiring but the devastation along both sides of the road is jaw-dropping. So many people lost everything. There are still cars in the river, mangled and upside down. I am so happy this road has opened so recovery can really start for all of these people and the town can benefit from holiday shoppers.
    I am happy for a successful 1st Thanksgiving on Saturday and I'm so looking forward to doing it again on Thursday..........I love family gatherings!
    I am thankful and feel blessed for my mom moving here in town and look forward to spending time with her.
    I am thankful and feel joyful for Cadie and Kris's marriage. Recently, Rod asked her how married life was treating her and she just LIT UP!! "Wonderful," she said, "I'm so happy~"
    And, we just found out that Amanda is pregnant. It's still hush-hush as she hasn't leaked that information to the general public just yet and doesn't want any FB notifications of it, but I just went out to see her and she's doing well and the both of them are very excited! I don't quite know how she's going to pull this all off while working and getting her PhD from UCDavis, but if anyone can do it, she can!
    Blessings abound...............and among all the blessings I have, I count you as one of them!!



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