Friday, 30 March 2012

Five Happy Things

Thank you so much for your sweet response to my last post, it was lovely to hear all about the things that made you feel happy.

This has been a busy week where the days have whizzed by in a blur and somehow it is Friday again! No matter how busy I am there are always many things that never fail to make me happy.

These are my favourite things which have made me happy this week...

Buying a David Austin Scepter'd Isle rose for our front garden

The highly anticipated return of Mad Men just two days after it airs in America

Snapping up this adorable Cath Kidston Fold and Mail Stationery

Enjoying the spectacular weather at the beach

Indulging my obsession for all things organisation and de-cluttering with the one and only Martha Stewart

What has made you happy this week?

Friday, 23 March 2012

Five Happy Things

I think we can all be a little nosey sometimes, I definitely can be. I love seeing glimpses into other peoples lives and especially things that they like and that make them happy. This is why blogging is so wonderful, you can really connect with others through posts and comments which strike a chord with you. For quite some time I have seen a common topic amongst various blogs and YouTube channels that always interest me and appeal to my nosey side; favourite things. I always enjoy these posts as they give you an idea of what the author likes and what makes them happy. So I thought it would be fun to list my favourite happiness inducing things.

At first I drafted a post about my favourites during the course of a month, but it was huge, some of them were no longer relevant thirty days later and it was difficult keeping track of so many.
So instead I will choose a handful of my favourite things which have made me feel grateful and happy during the course of the week that I will post every Friday.

These are my favourite things which have made me happy this week...

Wild Violets dotted amongst a confetti of blossom 

Ranunculus which have really passed their best, but they are still perfect to me

The official start to spring which hopefully means lots more of this glorious sunshine 

Driving my little car with the roof down for the first time this year

Spotting an adorable ladybird sunbathing on a nettle

What has made you happy this week?

Friday, 16 March 2012

London Tweet-Up

This is a post that I have been meaning to publish for quite some time (six months to be exact!) but I never quite managed to. However I am hoping that six months late is better than never?!

A few years ago I joined what was the latest social network site; Twitter. However I didn't get any further than signing up and creating a username. A few months later my friend Dawn joined and said that she had found Susan Branch on there, had even tweeted Susan and she had tweeted back! We couldn't believe how incredible this was and it encouraged me to take another look at Twitter. Pretty soon I was hooked, chatting to Dawn on there, taking a peek at what celebrities and public figures were doing and making new friends. It was through Dawn and Susan Branch tweeting that we got to know one of Susan's lovely friends Rachel. Pretty soon we started tweeting other sweet girls from around the world who shared the same interests and we all became firm friends.

During these past few years we have all said  how much we would like to meet up with one another. We have all formed such strong bonds and friendships with the power of the written word, so that when you meet in person it confirms everything you had wished for and more. In December 2009 I met Dawn, and in the two short days that spent with each other, we had such fun and it was as though we had known each other for years. We have been the best of friends ever since and I cannot wait until the next time we will meet again.

Last Summer I was lucky enough to meet another two friends when Rosinda told us about her plans for a fantastic holiday flying from her home in Ontario, Canada to Paris, France. Rosinda asked if Rachel and I would like to meet her and her lovely family for a day in London. Of course the answer was a resounding yes and a few weeks later in mid-September Nathan, Poppy and I boarded a train to London

Upon our arrival in town we went to see my sister and after a quick catch up I left Nathan, Poppy and Brooke to meet my very special friends for a traditional English fish and chips dinner in the heart of the city.
I must confess, I was rather nervous before I arrived in Marylebone, I spent the tube ride there wondering if Rachel and Rosinda would like me, if we would all be what we imagined and if we would truly connect with each other in person. Well I needn't have worried, as soon as I walked in (an excruciating thirty minutes late, due to rush hour commuting. Being a country mouse, I totally forgot how time consuming travelling a few miles across London can be!) and saw five beautiful smiling faces, I immediately felt at ease and within moments we were chatting away like old friends and there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

We enjoyed a few magical hours chatting about anything and everything until it was time to leave. Rosinda, Nuno, Anita and Annabel went to see some family who lived in London and Rachel got the train home so we all said our fond farewells.

My darling sister Brooke had moved London in July and we had not yet been to see her so we combined our trip to see my sweetheart, stay the night and then spend some time sightseeing with Rosinda and her family the day after. Unfortunately Rachel had commitments at home so she was not able to join us for sightseeing. 

When we organised our get together I thought it might be fun to hop onto an open top bus tour to see the main attractions and enjoy some of the beautiful English weather! Thankfully it was a glorious summer's day with bright blue skies and warm sunshine.

Here we are just off Leicester Square about to begin our adventure around London

{The Ritz Hotel}

Our first hop off the tour bus was Buckingham Palace. The queue for the Palace tour was a two hours long so we admired the exterior and the guards instead

{Big Ben and The Palace of Westminster, also known as The Houses of Parliament}  

Something that Rosinda wanted to see in London was a a traditional red phone box, luckily they were dotted everywhere and we managed to find one on The South Bank

{The London Eye}

Included in our bus tour tickets was a boat tour on the Thames and the weather was perfect

{Big Ben,The Palace of Westminster, Westminster Bridge and The London Eye} 

{St. Paul's Cathedral}

{The Shard London Bridge under construction}

{London Bridge}

{30 St. Mary Axe also known as The Gherkin}

{The Tower Of London}

Our lovely boat tour came to an end and our tummies were rumbling so they led the way to GBK where we each had a yummy burger and fries

We had fun discussing all of the lovely sights we had seen during the day and hearing all about the Antunes' first few days in Paris and what their plans were for their final days there. We also had fun and giggles comparing and contrasting the vernacular and colloquialisms of England and Canada!

The final sight we all wanted to see was Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately we did not have time to see inside the Abbey, we said we would do that the next time Rosinda and her family visit!

The beautiful Antunes Girls looking at the amazing Abbey

We then hopped back onto a bus which took us to Baker St so we could get the lovely Antunes family back to Rachel's flat so they could make their way to St. Pancras station to catch the Eurostar back to Paris.
Then we said goodbye which was quite emotional.Walking along Marylebone High St tears were staining my cheeks and I had to remind myself that we will see each other again sometime in the future. Until then my heart is filled with everlasting memories of our adventure in London and I shall always remember fondly when I met two dear friends for the first time, but most definitely not the last time.

Wishing you a happy Friday and a happy weekend if you are celebrating St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and Mother's Day on Sunday.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Courage and Health

Earlier I hopped onto Pinterest one of my favourite sites for inspiration and general joyfulness for a quick pick me up before work and I saw this

These uplifting words of wisdom are just what I needed to read after a trying week when the only voice I have is most definitely quiet. It is good to be reminded that a quiet voice is just as powerful as a loud roar.

Some very good news which is giving me a much needed boost today is that after months of taking and inhaling steroids and strong painkillers for my hacking Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and Tietze's Syndrome I am finally starting to feel better. I recently became so despondent when it occurred to me that I had yet to try natural remedies which I swear by for other ailments, so I decided it was worth a try and this was route I needed to take. I have been drinking carrot juice, eating masses of grapes and taking homoeopathic Bryonia and I think they are all working their wonderful natural healing magic.

I have been so caught up in my own little world of coughing for such a long time that I have neglected so much recently; blogging, blog hopping, chatting with friends, emailing and writing to friends and being on twitter. I cannot wait to get back into the swing of all these things that I hold dear. I have a very full weekend of work, but commencing Monday afternoon I have a few days off and I am super excited!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.