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Friday, January 06, 2012

The weather here on the South Coast has been rather gloomy with strong winds, lots of rain and bitterly cold temperatures. I suppose it is only fair that Winter has finally made an appearance, considering how mild December was. Whilst the bad weather is not exactly conducive to prepare the garden for spring and trying to walk Poppy in gale force winds, it is great for organising, cleaning, tidying and making a fresh start for the new year.

For me this begins on Twelfth Night when every ounce of Christmas is removed from our home. Being a sentimental sap, Twelfth Night is always bittersweet for me. I find it hard to let the festivities and joy of Christmas go, especially when the tree and the decorations still look so beautiful. Although there is something elegant about leaving a party on a high, before things get messy and with enough good memories to want to come back again. This is how Christmas should be, enjoy it whilst the good times are plentiful, but remove it before the tree loses its fragrance, all of the needles have dropped and the pretty decorations begin to look out of place. Last night we missed the fairy lights, the Christmas candles and the presence of the seven foot tree, but there are new beautiful things to look forward to.

Now is the time for Winter to shine, to offer beautiful flowers to fragrance, bring light and hints of colour to our homes. Hyacinths, muscari, tulips, paperwhites and anemones are amongst my favourites. These hyacinths I planted in December will soon bloom, until then I will have a constant stream of cut tulips, narcissi and anemones to make my heart sing.

Yesterday we bought more bulbs that I will plant this weekend. Every room will be filled with fresh fragrance and pretty blooms that will make Christmas a distant and happy memory. 

Happy New Year friends.

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I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to write them ♥


  1. beautiful post Morwenna.

    Yes, it is a shame when Christmas is over, but I have to admit to feeling keen to start removing it from Boxing Day! It's the feeling of order, and clean and tidiness.

    Love spring flowers too. It must have been mild, because my anenomes are just about to flower already. The petals are still curled up, but any day now I'll see them burst open.

    Wishing you a lovely start to January xxx

  2. p.s nothing to stop you draping fairy lights around all year. I do :O) x

  3. Perfectly said as always, dearest Morwenna! My hyacinths are at the same stage, the paperwhites are out in the house - & today I did some gardening and was amazed & thrilled by all the bulbs already poking their green shoots above the cold earth! I still feel that Winter will show itself properly and there's a long way to go...but it's all good! Love & hugs xoxo Rachel

  4. Oh, Morwenna! What beautiful flowers!!! Your tulips are just gorgeous and how wonderful to have some hyacinths on the way, too!! We have our roses in bloom at this time of year, but it has hit...80 F. lately and seems too much like summer for my taste! We desparatly need snow/rain this season, but that is Nature's way sometimes! Have a lovely weekend, sweetie! Hugs, Sherry xxxx

  5. We'll be packing away Christmas into boxes this weekend and replacing it all with hyacinth and tulips, too. Trading sparkly lights for simple clean lines.

    I love your pictures and am so happy that you have been blogging more lately!

    Happy new year my sweet!


  6. Such a pretty post, Morwenna! I too, have put away my Christmas decorations. They have returned to storage, awaiting their time to come back again! I can't wait to see photos of your assorted flower bulbs blooming to life. There is so much to look forward to, isn't there?! I agree with Dawn...so happy to see you blogging more lately. I always love your sweet posts! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  7. Your flowers are beautiful! My "green thumb" is not as outstanding.
    We haven't had much of a winter here in East Tennessee. We even saw robins in our yard this morning!
    I will agree that "taking down Christmas" is rather bittersweet. However, the journey is all about keeping the spirit of Christmas with us all year.
    Have a great Saturday!

  8. How lovely!! My paperwhites are blooming right now and their heady scent quite intoxicating in the kitchen....they are a hint of things to come...rebirth. Right now, however, I am savoring the quiet of winter....My tree is still up. I traditionally leave it up for awhile; I'm very sentimental about it and I love seeing the treasures sent from friends like yourself...it makes me feel warm all over!!! I agree with Dawn and Rosinda that we've missed you and would love to see you here more frequently.....


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to write them ♥

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