My December Books

I am and always have been an avid reader liking a variety of genres and have read many of the greats and some not so. These days I usually stick to crime thriller or chick lit fiction, cook books, craft and style books. I indulge my passion for books and reading every month by buying a handful from Amazon, Waterstones or W.H Smith's. December is always a book heavy month for me as my Birthday is on the 4th and three weeks later Santa always delivers some more. So I try to be restrained with my own book buying, but there are usually a few that I really long for and I give in to temptation.
This is the beautiful selection of books that I was given for my Birthday, Christmas and some I have bought for myself.

Ever since I was a little girl I have dabbled with writing fiction, poetry and plays with the aim of one day becoming a published author. The writing and reading bug never left me and in my late teens I studied English Literature and Language A-Levels and a degree in Fashion and Cultural writing in my early twenties. Now I am in the final year of my twenties my dream of one day writing a book of my own is alive more than ever.

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