Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sunday Brunch - Popovers

Every Sunday I always make a special brunch for Nathan and I and it is usually something a little bit naughty, but oh so nice. Whilst looking for inspiration I came across a recipe in Susan Branch's book Heart Of The Home: Notes From A Vineyard Kitchen for Popovers which to my American friends are a familiar breakfast and brunch food. However a hop, skip and a jump across the pond we eat something similar with our Sunday roast beef, the Yorkshire pudding! I read the simple list of ingredients and recipe and it sounded so similar to my recipe for Yorkies that I felt rather sceptical of their suitability for brunch, but I was intrigued. The recipe suggests serving them with jam or marmalade which made them more appealing. In actual fact some people choose to eat their Yorkies with Jam, but we have always chosen gravy and horseradish sauce as our chosen condiments.

Within forty minutes the popovers had risen nicely

At this stage the recipe advises that the tops need to be sliced into and then they need to be put back into the oven for another five minutes. Next time I will just pierce the tops instead of slicing into them so the steam will still escape, but they will be more attractive

With raspberry jam at the ready we dove in with little expectation and to our surprise they were delicious! Whilst similar to Yorkshire puddings they were different enough for you not to wonder where the roast rib of beef is!

I should never have doubted Susan and our American chums, after all they know a thing or two about delicious breakfasts that sound as though they should be a disaster, but are actually a match made in culinary heaven - American pancakes, smoked streaky bacon and unctuous maple syrup...mmm I know what we are having for Sunday brunch next week!

This evening I am attending an exclusive sewing event at the Cath Kidston shop in Winchester and I am jolly excited! I will be back here later in the week to tell you all about it.

Happy Tuesday sweetpeas
Love Morwenna

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Last week an email pinged into my inbox telling me that I had been invited by a darling friend to view her boards on Pinterest. The name Pinterest rang a bell, and it occurred to me that I had read it on a blog late last year, but I hadn't take the time to google it and find out more . Intrigued to see what it was and what my friend had on her boards, I clicked the link and immediately fell head over heels in love! Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can create collections of things that you love and you can follow collections created by others. You can collect and share anything and everything such as dream homes, travel inspiration and your favourite cakes.

As a very visual person I adore inspiration boards and look books. If I see something in a magazine that I like, I remove it with my trusty Stanley knife and it either gets pegged to the bunting or bakers twine on my inspiration boards or stuck into my look books. I found these so fantastic whilst planning my wedding and I can only imagine the fun I would have had planning the big day if only I found out about this fabulous site before. 

It would be fair to say that I am completely and utterly obsessed with everything Pinterest. If like me you enjoy favourite-ing and bookmarking photos of things that you make your heart sing on Flickr, Etsy, websites and blogs come and join in the fun! You can request an invitation here.

Thank you Dawn for introducing me to the world of pinning, I love it! 

Love Morwenna

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday

Yesterday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a feast of traditional English style pancakes for supper before the fasting of lent began today. We often have American style pancakes for brunch on the weekend and whilst they are delicious, they just don't compare to our lovely natives, although we rarely eat them throughout the year apart from on Shrove Tuesday!

We spread the feast throughout the evening so that we could be as greedy as possible and have three pancakes each, indulging in both savoury and sweet toppings and fillings.

We started with crispy streaky bacon, ripe brie, caramelised onions and cranberries

Then we had the very traditional lemon juice and golden caster sugar

To round off our feast (and our tummies!) we filled our final pancakes with Nutella, bananas and dulce de leche

After rolling our way from the dining room to the lounge we discussed our fastings for Lent and we are giving up desserts and alcohol for the forty days until Easter Sunday. We are not religious, but as we celebrate Christmas and Easter we also like to observe Lent. Otherwise it feels as though we don't really deserve our Easter eggs, hot cross buns and simnel cake if we haven't sacrificed anything for them! Will you be fasting any food for Lent this year?

Love Morwenna

P.S Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on my sweet Sherry post, you have touched my heart with your kind, thoughtful and supportive words. Thank you so much again, I love you all xoxo

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sweet Sherry

Yesterday morning was blissful, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and our first crocus had come into bloom. Then in the afternoon my in-laws' thirteen year old Rough Collie Sherry passed away peacefully in their garden. 

I have written previously in this post that Nathan's parents had owned Rough Collies for over thirty years and in all this time Sherry was the oldest rough collie they have ever had. So we are thankful that we shared so many joyful years with her and that she passed when she was ready, it is just so sad for the life of such a lovely creature to no longer be present.

Thank you Sherry for being a truly wonderful dog and for being the first pet I had the privilege of sharing my life with. You were sweet, kind, loved companionship and welcomed Monty wholeheartedly into your life. You were so very patient with Poppy who loved to shower you with so much affection and kisses that she would often sit as closely as possible to your face. Sometimes we worried that you would tell her off, but you never did. 

Rest peacefully Sherry, we love you