Darling Sweetpeas

Sweetpeas are one of my all time favourite flowers and they are a staple in my summer garden. I like to grow a mixture of colours, scents and heights so the raised bed they occupy looks and smells like a cottage garden. This year my dear friend Sandy sent some lovely mixed dwarf sweetpea seeds all the way from Pennsylvania and they were adorable. Being dimniutive they were the first to bloom and have since gone to seed, this is one of the last arrangements from a few weeks ago

As autumn is drawing near my daily harvest of sweetpeas is slowing down to every other day, but there is still an abundance of creamers and jam jars filled with their pretty petals and heady scent wafting throughout the house. When they give in to autumn I will truly miss them, but I know there will be other beautiful things I have grown from seed which will make my heart sing in the new season.

Happy Wednesday sweethearts

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