Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Darling Sweetpeas

Sweetpeas are one of my all time favourite flowers and they are a staple in my summer garden. I like to grow a mixture of colours, scents and heights so the raised bed they occupy looks and smells like a cottage garden. This year my dear friend Sandy sent some lovely mixed dwarf sweetpea seeds all the way from Pennsylvania and they were adorable. Being dimniutive they were the first to bloom and have since gone to seed, this is one of the last arrangements from a few weeks ago

As autumn is drawing near my daily harvest of sweetpeas is slowing down to every other day, but there is still an abundance of creamers and jam jars filled with their pretty petals and heady scent wafting throughout the house. When they give in to autumn I will truly miss them, but I know there will be other beautiful things I have grown from seed which will make my heart sing in the new season.

Happy Wednesday sweethearts


  1. Mine were glorious too, Morwenna...I love your arrangements and this pretty post, and the little changes to your beautiful blog! Happy happy Wednesday too xoxo Rachel

  2. I'm the only one who didn't plant my seeds, terribly guilty, but city girl. Maybe I can plant them shortly but fall will be warm so they might not like it. Yours look so beautiful in all their luxe colors. At least Poppy and your other pets have manners and don't eat them. Mine consider flower arrangements a buffet at which they should graze. And you know what comes next! Why has Miss Manners not written the cat's guide to not eating what they shouldn't and not ruining carpets.

  3. Oh, Morwenna! You sweetpeas are stunning! They must love your area very, very much!!! And don't they look darling in their vases! Also saw your tweets about bundling up...oh, doesn't that sound wonderful. My A/C is going, temps here in the 90's and am parking my little car in the shade everywhere I have to go! Sigh... Love you!...Sherry xxxx

  4. Morwenna, your sweetpeas are gorgeous! I absolutely love them! What a great idea Sandy had, to mail out these sweetpea seeds to lucky tweetettes! Mine did very well also. I just love the colour of yours. They look stunning in the glass jar. Thank you for sharing the photos with us! I hope that you, too, had a lovely Wednesday! xoxo

  5. Another sweetpea celebration of beauty--the simplicity of the vase makes them all the more splendid---that Sandy, what a gift!!xo

  6. they are so beautiful. I love them, I just don't love the smell of them!

    Hope you have had a glorious summer. September already! Soon the leaves will be falling.


  7. Dearest Morwenna, I loved seeing all your sweetpeas and so happy the ones I sent bloomed for you. That English weather of yours was just made for sweetpeas. The arrangement you made in the pitcher is beautiful. Can't get enough of those sweetpeas!


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