Last week an email pinged into my inbox telling me that I had been invited by a darling friend to view her boards on Pinterest. The name Pinterest rang a bell, and it occurred to me that I had read it on a blog late last year, but I hadn't take the time to google it and find out more . Intrigued to see what it was and what my friend had on her boards, I clicked the link and immediately fell head over heels in love! Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can create collections of things that you love and you can follow collections created by others. You can collect and share anything and everything such as dream homes, travel inspiration and your favourite cakes.

As a very visual person I adore inspiration boards and look books. If I see something in a magazine that I like, I remove it with my trusty Stanley knife and it either gets pegged to the bunting or bakers twine on my inspiration boards or stuck into my look books. I found these so fantastic whilst planning my wedding and I can only imagine the fun I would have had planning the big day if only I found out about this fabulous site before. 

It would be fair to say that I am completely and utterly obsessed with everything Pinterest. If like me you enjoy favourite-ing and bookmarking photos of things that you make your heart sing on Flickr, Etsy, websites and blogs come and join in the fun! You can request an invitation here.

Thank you Dawn for introducing me to the world of pinning, I love it! 

Love Morwenna

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