Saturday Night Take-In

Monday, February 28, 2011

We rarely get take-aways, but we do sometimes treat ourselves to a yummy pizza or two from Waitrose where we shop for our groceries. I try to plan daily menus for the week ahead and on my shopping list for Saturday you can often find Pizza as our proposed dinner. Well this week was no different, however instead of buying pre-made pizzas I decided to make my own pizza, and gosh were we rewarded for doing so! I honestly have no idea why I have never made pizzas before. I make bread all the time, I am always whipping up batches of tomato sauce for various pasta dishes and our pantry and fridge are usually stocked with ingredients that can be used as toppings so who knows why it has taken me so long to make pizzas!

Within thirty minutes these little beauties were in the oven oozing buffalo mozzarella and taleggio whilst the salami and bases were crisping to perfection....unfortunately all three of us were absolutely ravenous so we were tucking in with gusto before I remembered to photograph them piping hot from the oven, so this before shot is all I have. Oh I also have some very happy taste buds that are actually begging for another little nibble as I type!

This was my first foray into pizza making, but it most certainly will not be my last as I will never buy another pre-made pizza again.

Wishing you a very Happy Monday
Love Morwenna 

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I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to write them ♥


  1. ooh, yum. They look good.

    I don't make my own bases (shame on me! I buy the base mix from Sainsburys!), but I do make pizza for gorgeous girl. It's so I can control the toppings, and skin tomatoes etc. It's a great way of getting children to eat a lot of veg, it looks so appealing as a pizza instead of piled on a plate!

    We're off to Waitrose instead of Sainbury's on Saturday, and I am completely beside myself with glee! I am such a tragic case, I get totally excited by food shopping!!

    have a lovely Monday, ooh, and love that you are going to do union Jack bunting too. Easier than I thought,and really quite fun to do.

  2. These look sooo delicious, Morwenna!! Good for you for making them yourself! Sending you love from chilly CA...Lots of hugs to you and the kitties and Poppy, Sherry xx

  3. Yum Morwenna! Look gorgeous. I make my own too as I love really thin & crispy and I also (bizarrely) don't like cheese on my pizzas...I am very weird! So lovely to see this post, happiest of Marchs to you sweetie xoxo R

  4. Morwenna,

    Your pizzas look absolutely delicious! I am sure they were scrumptious! At our house, Nuno always makes the pizzas. And the girls like to help out with sprinkling on the toppings. I, contrary to Rachel, love cheese on pizza. The more, the better. Ha-ha-ha!

    Sending my love xoxo


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to write them ♥

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