Poorly Poppy

Gosh I am amazed that we are almost halfway through January! I am even more amazed that this is my first post of the New Year...Happy new Year! I have been very consumed with being a doting mama to Poppy as she has been rather poorly and in need of extra love and cuddles so the laptop has had a little holiday, but is back in action today. 

Over Christmas and New Year we noticed that Poppy had a rather tender bottom and she would squeal in pain if you tried to investigate the area. We booked the first appointment we could as soon as the Vets reopened after the festive break and it was confirmed that Poppy had (ahem please excuse the graphic nature of the following!) blocked anal glands and an abscess one of her teeny tiny bottom cheeks. The vet prescribed painkillers and antibiotics which began to relieve the problem, but on her follow up appointment three days later she was still rather poorly so she was prescribed another week of medication. During this appointment last Friday the vet taught me how to express the glands and advised adding wheat bran to her daily diet of organic chicken and vegetables to help 'bulk out' her stools. One week later and another trip to the practice this morning; We are absolutely delighted that the vet has advised that our darling sweetpea is fully recovered and everything has cleared up, which is such a relief. She is also recovered from her phantom pregnancy and will be spayed next week. Poor little Poppy having to start the New Year with an ailment and an operation, but hopefully this means she has only lovely things in store for the year ahead. 

Now all we need is the torrential rain to turn to drizzle or even better stop, so we can go for a lovely long walk where we arrive home slightly damp rather than thoroughly soaked! 

Wishing you all a very lovely weekend, whatever the weather! 

Love Morwenna 

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