Winter Wonderland

What a splendid start to December we have been blessed with! When we went to bed last night there had been a light sprinkling of snow which we were thrilled with. When we awoke this morning we were ecstatic because as far as our eyes could see was covered in a thick deep blanket of glorious white fluffy snow.

I greatly appreciate that in my household nobody needs to go anywhere of great importance and we are by no means trapped in our own home and we have plenty of food and warmth so we wanted to enjoy a fabulous day frolicking in the snow especially so that Poppy could experience her very first snow day! Nathan opened the pub, as that is usually where those enjoying a snow day stop to defrost by the large fires and warm up with a mulled wine. So Brooke, Poppy and I went on a three hour adventure into a perfect winter wonderland. Brooke has a degree in photography and graphic arts and I don't go anywhere without a camera, so combining the camera obsession with complete and utter childlike excitement meant that together we took over 900 photos on our walk today, so this is a rather photo heavy post...sorry! 

Oh my golly that is a whopper! I hope I didn't bore too much?!
Much love and cosy hugs on this snowy evening

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