Winter Wonderland

Thursday, December 02, 2010

What a splendid start to December we have been blessed with! When we went to bed last night there had been a light sprinkling of snow which we were thrilled with. When we awoke this morning we were ecstatic because as far as our eyes could see was covered in a thick deep blanket of glorious white fluffy snow.

I greatly appreciate that in my household nobody needs to go anywhere of great importance and we are by no means trapped in our own home and we have plenty of food and warmth so we wanted to enjoy a fabulous day frolicking in the snow especially so that Poppy could experience her very first snow day! Nathan opened the pub, as that is usually where those enjoying a snow day stop to defrost by the large fires and warm up with a mulled wine. So Brooke, Poppy and I went on a three hour adventure into a perfect winter wonderland. Brooke has a degree in photography and graphic arts and I don't go anywhere without a camera, so combining the camera obsession with complete and utter childlike excitement meant that together we took over 900 photos on our walk today, so this is a rather photo heavy post...sorry! 

Oh my golly that is a whopper! I hope I didn't bore too much?!
Much love and cosy hugs on this snowy evening

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I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to write them ♥


  1. Beautiful pictures! Hope we get some snow in New York very soon :) ♥

  2. my dear girl, that was wonderful! I loved your post :o)
    love those little paw prints! And how weird is it to see snow by the sea? It hardly every sits on the seaside for long. Shows just how bitterly cold it is.

    Ooh, sitting in a pub by the fire and a glass of ale sounds like utter bliss to me!

    We've had thick snow all week, and like you, my family are all safe and warm, we are all fine and can stay home this week. Usually Bill is out on the road, and I would have worried sick had it been a normal week. As it is, I've been able to just kick back and enjoy it. We've been in town too, and that was just strange. Normally town centres lose the snow quickly, but yesterday it was inches thick and the streets pretty empty. Unfortunately my Little One wasn't a happy bunny, and by late afternoon had a head that felt very hot to the touch. So some calpol and an early night were needed, and it explained just why she'd been such a grumpy chops all day. I wish she'd told me earlier that she wasn't feeling well. I asked several times, but each time she said she was ok. Little liar!

    Thankfully she's loud and nutty and making a lot of mess again, so I know she's normal.

    well you and your sister should feel pleased. You are both really similar, that's why I honestly thought the photo was you! You are very, very alike. and both rather glam and gorgeous! So yes, both of you take it as a compliment :O)

    Bless you for your tweets! So sweet. ooh. Sweet Tweets! The only thing I'm not enjoying about the snow is I can't wear my heels! I did get out in one pair this week to take a photo in the front garden, by rights I should have fallen and broken my leg. Luckily I didn't. Not clever, so I've not done it since. Am thinking about it tomorrow though!

    So it's your bd tomorrow! Well you just have the most wonderful day, you've got beautiful weather for it. Happy birthday! xxxx

  3. Oh my goodness, I loved this post Morwenna! Everything beautiful especially you, Brooke & Poppy...3 gorgeous girls! We don't have half the amount of snow, but it really is freezing. Just about to take Alice out in her little black dress!! Love to you sweetheart xoxo Rachel ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow too x

  4. Lovely lovely pictures and I so wish I had somewhere that nice to walk around! I have barely left Walthamstow Village until today. You are very lucky being near a beach!

  5. Wonderful pictures of your town. Looks so beautiful and so do you and your sister. Love your long braid. You two are dolls. Can't forget to mention Poppy, she is adorable. Lovely post from a lovely girl. xxoo

  6. I'm lucky too that I can easily walk into the town without too much trouble and to be honest even getting to work hasn't been too bad... obviously the cancelled holiday wasn't great but hey ho!

    Victoria xx

  7. Morwenna, this is just adorable! I missed wishing you a very happy birthday! Your sister, you, and Poppy are all so beautiful! The snow is amazing and the photographs of the snow on all of the plants are so lovely! What fun!! It's just delightful to get a glimpse of a place so far away from us....brings the world closer together....thank you for sharing!

  8. Oooh, goody, I think blogger is being a dear and letting me leave a comment today!!

    I LOVED this post so much, I wouldn't mind if you made a habit of sharing many, many photos like these. I just love having a look into your life, seeing where you live, and of course, swooning over adorable POPPY!!!!

    I miss you and will call again soon. Thank you for leaving a note on my blog. I wonder how it will go with Nathan when he pretends to describe you to a stranger? Very curious to hear! We'll have to gab about it on the phone.


  9. That little Poppy is a heart melter. Is Poppy a King Charles Spainel?
    And that cake, its a beauty too!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to write them ♥

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