Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For me September always brings change, during my years in education throughout school, college and university September always signified the start of a new year and a new term. Even though I am no longer taking my new stationery and new bag on my first day to a new classroom, lots of change is still happening during this magical time of year.
Twelve days ago my sister moved in, six days ago Poppy came into her first season. In two days I have my final day at work before I launch my bakery and last, but certainly not least in five days time my husband (!) and I will be flying off on our honeymoon!!!
Words cannot describe the sheer elation, joy and happiness I am feeling right now, a friend told me this morning that I am glowing and I have a huge beaming smile stretching from ear to ear! I can often find change alarming and not welcome in my life, but there seems to be something about change in September that is marvellous and I find myself relishing every moment of expected and unexpected wonder.
I will be back soon to tell you all about the honeymoon, but right now I must dash as I need to pretend to do some work for the rest of morning and then I am going to exchange some lovely pounds for even lovelier dollars at lunch.
Happy Tuesday
Lots of love
PS. Apologies for the lack of photos as I have posted this from my Blackberry and I do not have any relevant photos stored on it and my current view of a computer monitor is far too mundane for words let alone posting a photo of it!

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I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to write them ♥


  1. My sweetest, I can't even describe in words how happy I am for you, and proud I am of your faith and courage! It's going to be such an adventure; there are many wonderful life-changing things ahead!
    I think of you every day, and about the brave steps you have made towards the life you lovingly envision for yourself and your husband, and I commend you!!
    Sending love and an excited squeeeeeal of delight,
    xoxo Dawn

  2. Have a truly wonderful honeymoon, sweet pea.

  3. A time of wonderful new beginnings for you Morwenna - the future looks fantastic and I know that it will be. Looking forward so much to sharing your journey! xox

  4. and at the time I am reading this, you have left work and are over in the USA! Fabulous!

    You deserve such good changes to your life. You are a nice lady, you should have happiness and nice things to look forward to. No wonder you are smiling :o)

    Have a fabulous honeymoon xxx

  5. You are opening a bakery? Oh dear I am so out of the loop! Tell me more! Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  6. I love your story- I have a dream of opening a b&b/bakery/wedding venue, so we have much in common- I'm glad you're taking the leap of faith and I'll be anxious to hear how it all goes. I just recently left my career as English teacher to pursue many blessings!

  7. so HAPPY to see you at Farmhouse, my friend

    wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us Blogging Buddies could all get together for a xmas tea party????

    how is little Poppy????

    sending love, kary and teddy


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to write them ♥

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