The Monday Blues

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post about darling Poppy, it nice to know that she has so many fans! Currently she is snoozing and snoring in the Lloyd Loom chair next to mine, being incredibly cute.
It is the May day bank holiday in the UK today so I am very lucky to be at home for another day with Poppy, the cats and the chickens.
I have completely and utterly loved every single minute of my puppy 'maternity' leave that I have been feeling the back to work dread all day. I usually experience the back to work dread on a Sunday afternoon/evening when I realise that the joy of not sitting at a desk and working in an environment that sucks the life out of me is coming to an end. I understand that I am so very lucky to have a job in this current economic climate and I certainly need a job to earn enough pennies to live a nice life, it is just that I dislike the job that I have. My heart lies at home and in my kitchen, and I sincerely hope that with lots of hard work and sheer determination I will be able to make my bakery a success very soon.

To soothe my mind and to lift my spirits I have made a yummy cherry and almond loaf cake and a slice has somehow landed on a plate next to my comforting pint of Clipper tea in one of my favourite Emma Bridgewater mugs!
I am sorry for having a moan, it doesn't happen very often and I actually feel a little better having written about it.
Wishing you all a Monday filled with pinks and not blues
Love Morwenna

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