Sunday, 30 May 2010

Long time no blog!

Gosh hasn't time just whizzed by?! In less than two weeks Nathan and I will be married which is why I have been as quiet as a church mouse for such a long time. The wedding preparations have taken over 'normal' life and we are consumed with everything related to afternoon tea, vintage cars and cottage garden flowers. Thankfully everything is under control and we are feeling happy and relaxed, but we are very busy which is why my beloved blog has suffered so much. I have lots to tell you about everyday life, my bakery, the wedding and of course our darling Poppy who is now four months old and growing bigger and cuter by the day.
I have truly missed the land of blogging and reading all about your daily adventures. I am really looking forward to catching up with with you and updating you all soon. Now I am off to make strawberry jam for the wedding afternoon tea, enjoy your weekends sweet friends
Lots of love Morwenna xoxo


  1. Lovely to see your post and good wishes for everything!

  2. Wow, so soon! Time has passed by so quickly. This is so exciting! I'm glad to hear that preparations are going well. Poppy is so adorable. Oh my goodness!
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend, making strawberry lovely.
    xoxo Dawn

  3. Enjoy this wonderful happy time of anticipation Morwenna!! One thing I sort of forgot to do when I got married is to enjoy being Queen for a day!! It's the one day when all the attention is focussed on YOU, which is a little weird but lovely too. Have a wonderful time, sweetie - and Poppy is the 2nd cutest dog in the world (!) :-) xoxoxRachel

  4. Morwenna, your wedding plans sound so lovely. I'm really excited for you! Enjoy all the preparations and be sure to save some energy for the big day.

  5. I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear about your plans ♥

  6. while it is lovely to see a blog post from you, I still stand by my words and say just ignore Normal Life and totally wallow in your wedding plans and excitement of it all. The run up zooms by, and as for the day, it will pass in a blur. Good and happy times, so enjoy every single second :o) lots of love xxx

  7. You are in such a nice time of life! I'm very happy for you, dear Morwenna. And I am also happy that I know when all of the exciting wedding preparations have passed, you will enjoy a wonderful day and then a wonderful life with someone who supports your passion. I think that is what a marriage is all about... helping each other live out a dream.



  8. Good luck ! Cant wait to see the new pictures too!

  9. Hello, we just found your blog. We're a Cavalier blog mostly with a bit of adventuring around Australia thrown into the mix. We hope you and Poppy will come by and visit us too. We love all your lovely photos. Marley and Jasper at Cavaliers Corner.


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