Long time no blog!

Gosh hasn't time just whizzed by?! In less than two weeks Nathan and I will be married which is why I have been as quiet as a church mouse for such a long time. The wedding preparations have taken over 'normal' life and we are consumed with everything related to afternoon tea, vintage cars and cottage garden flowers. Thankfully everything is under control and we are feeling happy and relaxed, but we are very busy which is why my beloved blog has suffered so much. I have lots to tell you about everyday life, my bakery, the wedding and of course our darling Poppy who is now four months old and growing bigger and cuter by the day.
I have truly missed the land of blogging and reading all about your daily adventures. I am really looking forward to catching up with with you and updating you all soon. Now I am off to make strawberry jam for the wedding afternoon tea, enjoy your weekends sweet friends
Lots of love Morwenna xoxo

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