Viennese and bridal delights

Gosh here I am once again, so ridiculously busy it is making my brain ache! How has it been almost two weeks since our return from Vienna?! Well better late than never, here are a few foodie snaps of our wonderful trip to the beautiful city of Vienna. 

Amazing window display of gingerbread houses  

Nathan enjoying a frankfurter wrapped in dough, which is deep fried, then brushed with garlic butter not the healthiest option, but very tasty indeed 

Me eating a sweet pretzel

Nathan about to enjoy the legendary Sacher Torte

Unfortunately all of the photos of the beautiful Viennese architecture were grey and rainy so the foodie photos were the best to show you.

We will most definitely be returning to indulge in all that the city has to offer in terms of culture, food and friendship! Whilst we were there we met with beautiful Dawn of May all seasons be sweet to thee and her equally beautiful husband Ramon and Kiki. We spent such a long time chatting and eating that we only managed to take one photo! Here it is and we are holding some beautiful gifts that the lovely Rachel of Mozart's Girl gave to us 

Please excuse my appearance as I had not slept for 48hrs and I was suffering from an awful virus that rendered me poorly on my Birthday and for the following days in Vienna. To anyone considering a trip to Vienna I would definitely urge you to go as it is a fantastic city with great culture, food, and shopping. We had a marvellous time and cannot wait to return, especially to see our fabulous friends Dawn, Ramon and Kiki again…missing you all already.

We arrived home in the early hours of Thursday morning and after a few hours sleep Nathan returned to work and I along with my sister Brooke and Nathan’s mummy Jacqueline went to my first ever bridal shopping experience. After extensive research and lists I had made appointments at four of the best bridal shops within Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, two on Thursday and two on Friday. 

The first appointment was awful and I was not allowed to try on the two dresses that I liked as the assistant barked at me that they would not suit me! Instead she made me try on a repulsive dress that I can only describe as a gold pavlova laden with dragees and dipped in glitter toped off with a net curtain for a veil! She then took a tiara from the display stand even though I said that I didn’t want a tiara, she again barked that I had to have one to hide the veil comb, she then scraped my hair and scalp when she oh so elegantly shoved it into position. At this point I was about to burst into tears which my sister Brooke could see as she held my hand and said that maybe this was not what I was after and perhaps I should try something else on. I left that particular shop feeling utterly deflated and wanting to cancel all of the other appointments, but Brooke stood her ground and said that there was no way that nasty shop assistant was going to ruin this for me…after a bit of sulking I agreed and moved my next appointment as surprise surprise we did not use the full 1.5 hours in the first shop. 

As soon as we stepped into the next shop called Daisy Bridal I beamed with delight as everything was so different even the atmosphere felt positive and light and I especially love the name as I adore flowers. The assistants who greeted us were sweet and kind and allowed me to choose whatever I liked, so I did…about 15 dresses and over 2 hours of trying on later it just so happened to be that the very first dress that I tried on in Daisy was the one that stuck in my mind and gave me the feelings. We went to two further shops on Friday, but nothing was coming close to comparison so I made another appointment at the lovely shop for first thing Saturday morning. I had one last look through their range of dresses to make sure that I had not missed anything and there was one dress that I singled out because I thought it was rather beautiful and it possessed every must have that I had in mind for my dress and would you believe it, it was the one I fell in love with on Thursday, it was definitely meant to be. 

The assistant was wonderful and spent such a long time making sure that every detail was covered, the fit, the colour, the veil, the shoes, accessories and even a tiara! I said that I did not want one, but I may as well try one on and golly crumpets, it made me wonder why I don’t wear one everyday! My beautiful dress, veil and tiara have been ordered and will be ready mid March in time for my first fitting in April…I am so excited and I cannot wait to show you all, although that will be in June!

Merry Christmas eve eve! 

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