Happy Saturday! I hope you have had a lovely week and the weekend will be even better!
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Happy weekend! 
I am so happy that spring is in full swing! The days are longer than the nights, the trees are blossoming and there is a feeling of hope in the air. Spring is the perfect time of year for purging the old, embracing the new and embarking on fun adventures. With this in mind I have compiled a spring bucket list of everything I would like to do in order to celebrate this beautiful season. 

Find a bluebell wood 
Take a pilates class
Plan a summer getaway 
Forage for wild garlic
Enjoy the first picnic of the year 
Visit a botanical garden 
Update the décor to reflect the new season 
Sow wildflower seeds 
Participate in the London Marathon!

What is on your list of fun things to do this spring?
Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend!
 Hoping it is sweet in every way and full of the joys of spring!
I love bringing home pretty little things as souvenirs from our travels and Paris was a veritable treasure trove! There are so many iconic French brands that have their flagship stores in Paris and it was so much fun window shopping at Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Chanel. Whilst my budget didn’t quite extend to a Chanel Classic Flap Bag, I did pick up a few little treasures. 
 As I mentioned in my last post we went to the Diptyque boutique, the address for which is on the labels and the whole experience was lovely. We were taught the correct method for smelling the candle fragrances (forcefully turning the candle onto a velvet pedestal and smelling the base of the wax) which seemed quite destructive at first, but after a few candles it was quite good fun! 
I have been coveting this little cosmetic bag for quite some time and it was lovely to buy it from the flagship store on the Champs-Élysées. We even had our own personal shopper providing descriptions of each and every bag I picked up (there were a lot) which Nathan found most amusing! 
 Chanel chance is one of my signature and all-time favourite fragrances, so of course I had to have a bottle 
  No trip to Paris would be complete without a tacky little Eiffel Tower! 
 All of these little trésors can be bought online or in department stores here in the UK, but buying them in Paris makes them all the more special. Every time I dip into my Longchamp cosmetic bag, spritz Chanel Chance, or burn Diptyque Muguet I will be transported to our magical Anniversary trip to Paris and that makes me ever so happy.    
It was our third and final day in Paris and we wanted to make the most of the few hours we had left before our Eurostar back to London. Naturally the first item on our agenda was breakfast! The legendary Café de Flore (and its equally famous neighbouring rival Les Deux Magots) was just a short walk away from our hotel and would be an ideal base for our walk along the Boulevard Saint-Germain
Cheese and ham omelettes, fresh warm baguette and milky coffees were just what we needed to prepare us for the day ahead
Just across the road from the café is the Ralph Lauren shop and the charming bistro Ralph's. We would definitely like to eat here in the summer!

Saint-Tropez is high on my wanderlust list and one of the local delicacies that I hope to sample there is the iconic Tarte Tropézienne (always thinking about my appetite!). So you can imagine my squeal of delight when rather like a magpie I spotted the little patisserie on a side road. Having only just polished off our petit déjeuner, we decided on a "Baby Trop" and it was delicious! I cannot wait to try another in sunny Saint-Tropez

The boulevard is a bustling mixture of boutiques, homes, architectural treasures and quintessential Parisian style 
There were a few pretty little things that I wanted to buy in Paris, one of which was a Diptyque candle from their flagship boutique. As luck would have it the shop was closing the following day until 19th March for renovations, so our timing was perfect. We were greeted with an abundance of beautiful fragrances and the shop was ever so pretty. Making a decision was quite difficult and at one point there were about ten potential favourites! Eventually Muguet won my heart because it evoked the beauty of springtime 
Then it was over another pretty bridge to the petite Île Saint-Louis which was absolutely adorable and full of old world charm

My friend Rosinda recommended Berthillon for its delicious ice creams, so this is another place that I would like to visit in summer 
However a cute little sweetie shop was ideal for the below freezing temperature! 

From Île Saint-Louis walked to Le Marais and the Pompidou centre before heading back to our hotel to pick up our luggage and begin our journey back to England 

Paris was more beautiful than I imagined it would be and enchanted me in a way that I shall never forget. I fell completely head over heels in love with the city and know this is just the first of many trips to come 
Our second day in Paris was also our 15th Anniversary and we thought attaching our love lock to Pont des Arts would be a delightful way to celebrate. Before the day of sightseeing began, it was time for breakfast
 After our petit déjeuner we walked to the Luxembourg gardens and passed by impressive buildings, charming homes and darling shops with beautifully dressed windows 

Jardin du Luxembourg was tranquil and pretty even in the bleak midwinter. I can only imagine how vibrant it would be during the spring and summer 

We then walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral on Île de la Cité
This is when I cursed myself for not bringing a larger lens as the 50mm (my absolute favourite) just couldn't capture the grandeur of the cathedral's Gothic beauty

Naturally this was a very touristy area, so of course it was full of pickpockets and scam artists. Luckily we had our wits about us and we didn't fall foul to the tricksters. Wanting to stay lucky, we made our way along the Seine to Pont des Arts
We knew the bridge was groaning under the strain from the weight of the padlocks, but we didn't realise it had been boarded up!
However some space on the railings leading from the bridge to the pavement remained
 and we found the perfect little spot for our love lock
Then it was a hop, skip and jump across the road to the beautiful Louvre 

After a long and enjoyable walk around the museum our tummies were rumbling and there was only one place for it...
 The sweet heaven of Angelina on rue de Rivoli!
We had the legendary Chocolat Chaud, their signature Mont Blanc and Choc Africain which were all divine!

Everything looked exquisite 

After our chocolate overload we visited the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées for some shopping! 

We had lots of fun in the beautiful shops and bought some nice little treasures. Feeling cold and ever so slightly weary we headed back to the Latin Quarter for an aperitif before dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Then we went back to our hotel for some much needed rest before our third and final day in Paris. 
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